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How to Colour Correct?

How to Colour Correct?
Team LF
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I like how the dictionary defines the term “make-up”. It means “the composition or constitution of something” or in the context we are familiar with, “cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance”.

The application of cosmetics is an art of its own, we’re artists who create “art pieces” on our faces, blending different colours of eye shadow and lipstick to form different looks. Other than making our faces more vibrant, the power of colour extends out to correcting and cancelling out unwanted shades on our faces.

The “science” behind colours lies in its wheel, where opposite colours in the wheel cancel each other out. Based on that theory, makeup artists have been applying the colour correcting technique for years.

Is it difficult? It isn’t actually - you’d just have to remember the effects different colours have on each other and you can apply them accordingly.

How do I colour correct?

I generally like to use my colour correcting concealers just right after I’ve primed my face with my skincare products.

To achieve a peachy shade for my under eyes, I like to mix a light coloured foundation with good coverage with red lipstick. I blend it at the back of my hand and tap it on my under eyes.

On lazy days, I use a ready-made pink colour corrector.

I then cover the redness on my face with a green colour corrector and then blend it with my fingers.

Using the purple shade, I brighten up the high points of my face.  I then tap gently into a lightweight BB cushion and use the cushion puff to “blend” the correctors. I then go over with my foundation and spot conceal any spots with a concealer.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Colour correcting palettes are easily available and affordable - they are your one stop solution to concealing imperfections.

For more targeted correcting, single colored sticks or tubes are great for everyday use.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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