Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body and it is often associated with pregnancy but not limited to only pregnancy. Discover our best stretch mark creams on lookfantastic. Our bestselling stretch mark cream is Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter that is an award-winning formula that helps to improve skin elasticity to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It also contains organic oils (argan, coconut and avocado) and shea moisture that can be applied on your tummy, boobs, hips and thighs. Another customer favourite is Love Boo Super Stretchy Miracle Oil as this 100% natural blend moisturises and nourishes the skin to reduce the appearance of scars, damaged skin and stretch marks. It is enriched with argan oil and passion flower oil to treat dry patches too. Pregnant women have provided positive feedback on Love Boo Super Stretchy Miracle Oil to prevent morning sickness thanks to its lemon and ginger extracts and smell, simply dab onto the wrists and inhale when sickness strikes.

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