Bodycare is essential to keeping your skin healthy, strong and moisturised. At lookfantastic, we have a huge range of bodycare items that can help to cleanse, scrub and hydrate your skin to perfection, so you have the confidence to feel fantastic.


Get your summer body ready with some slimming secrets.

Bodycare Recommendations
As rated by customers, our all star bodycare products from toning, firming, wellbeing, scar removing products, hair removal devices and more.
Bodycare Recommendations
Body Care

Molton Brown

Molton Brown provides an aromatic bath and shower gel that gently lifts away dirt and impurities of the skin.

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Oral Care


Marvis Toothpaste comes in unique flavours including liquorice, jasmine and traditional mint. With a retro feel, the Marvis toothpaste tubes look quaint and classy while providing more benefits than a regular toothpaste.

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