Review: Cooking our way to perfect skin with Ecooking

Review: Cooking our way to perfect skin with Ecooking

Tina Søgaard, founder and owner of Ecooking, started her own skincare revolution right in the heart of her kitchen. Tina brought raw ingredients home from the laboratory and started to mix creams, serums, and oils on her kitchen table, which she saw visible improvement on her skin. 


The results were so palpable that my home-mixed products quickly became popular with family and friends who received them in repurposed bottles and jam jars.


The need and a wish to help people to solve their skincare problems was how Ecooking started. Founded in 2015, Ecooking is a Danish skin care brand based on honesty and transparency, offering skincare ranges rich on organic and natural ingredients which do not compromise on effectiveness. 


I tried what this cult brand was really all about with some of their best selling products. 

I am a fan of face scrubs – the right amount of exfoliation on a regular basis can make such a huge difference to how my makeup applies on my skin. However, with my ultra sensitive skin, I am careful to use non-harsh scrubs which gives just the right amount of exfoliation. 

The Ecooking Face Scrub is a tub with gentle exfoliants made from finely ground Sweet Almond Seeds mixed in a rich formula consisting of Shea Butter. This exfoliant is great especially for people with dry and sensitive skin. It has a light almond scent and spreads thick on your skin. Massaging it gently and letting the almond beads do their magic on my dead skin, I rinse them off with lukewarm water. The scrub leaves a layer on the skin, exactly the kind of “protection” Shea Butter gives. I follow with my daily cleanser and I love how my skin is refreshed without being stripped of its moisture. 

After cleansing, I start my skincare routine with my usual toner and put the Firming Serum in Capsules to test. I wondered why the need for the capsules but then found out the serum is encapsulated for maximum efficacy, ensuring you apply just the right amount on your face. Unlike the serums I’m used to, this product is almost like a lightweight facial oil. I liked the texture of the product and its infusion of the Botox alternative, Hexapeptide, is a great selling point as an anti-ageing product. I’ve been using it religiously for close to a month now and there is somewhat visible improvement in my skin’s texture. I’m sure prolonged usage of the product will benefit my complexion visibly. 

Eye creams are usually expensive and too rich for my under bags, causing them to clog up with oil spots. The Eye Cream is a product which contains “a powerful cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients including Coconut Oil, Vitamin A and Glycerin” and promises to “deliver instant hydration to balance dark circles, smooth fine lines and calm puffiness”. What the product claims to do is definitely a home run for me, as it addresses the exact issues I try to rectify. I like that though “nourishing” it doesn’t give my eyes oil bags and helps to prevent my under eyes from cracking and getting wrinkly throughout the day. 

I like how “honest” the brand was, with no frills product names and simple, thoughtfully designed packaging which are environmentally friendly. Ecooking delivers its brand promise – high quality products with an uncompromising focus on efficiency. 




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