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Nail Art Trends and Top Nail Products

Nail Art Trends and Top Nail Products
Beauty Editor5 years ago
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Getting manicures are like eating candies - everytime you look at your perfectly manicured nails is like a sugar rush of happiness.

Gel manicures however can get expensive and normal manicures have the downside of chipping easily - I recently fell in love with stick on nails which give me an instant gel manicure.

They are really easy to use - just prep your nails clean, peel off the sticker, stick them to your nails and file them to your preferred length or shape and it’s done !

Mismatched nails are always a trend that I love and it’s a nail art anyone can pull off. It’s also something simple to achieve, just by alternating the colours or design of your nails.

I put together three different style of mismatched nails you’d love to try.

Colour Block

Adding colour to your life can start from your nails - stock up on a few boxes of nail colours and alternate them on your nails just the way you like it. I like my nails in pastel tones but add in a dark and strong colour to create contrast.

Holographic Chrome

Mix it up in a similar fashion, but this time it’s with a psychedelic feel. Keep the pointy tips to enhance the out-of-this-world effect.


Add a “point nail” to give life to your manicure. Choose a funky nail design and match it with block colours!

Beauty Editor
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