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The Best Primers to keep your makeup intact all day

The Best Primers to keep your makeup intact all day
Team LF
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What are primers? They are basically a base for your foundation, giving instant “photoshopped” effects. Primers set, smooth, fills and is your answer to flawless and glowing skin.

I list the various types primers and what they do for your skin. Read on to find out what’s the most suitable printer for you!

Poreless skin

This is your instant meitu xiu xiu - these primers blurs the imperfections of large pores, fills the unevenness of the skin to set a smooth base for foundation application.

The velvet formulas usually also comes with mattifying functions which rids shine and greasiness with just a blob application.


An illuminating primer is exactly what it sells itself to be - it highlights in all right places whilst doubling up as an agent for longer wear makeup.

Get a dewy boost and radiant glow lit from within. Concentrate on where the light reflects - nose bridge, cheekbones and forehead.

Colour Correcting

These are double agents in resolving the uneven skin tone and yet insures your makeup to last for a longer time.

How to colour correctors work? Catch up on our post on how the opposite colors on the wheel cancel each other out.

All day hydration

Dehydrated, flaky or patchy skin makes the application of foundation a challenge. A hydrating primer levels and covers the dry patches of your skin, providing a smooth base for foundation.

Primers with all-day hydration properties give you the added benefit of keeping your skin nourished and moisturized throughout the day.

Header Photo by Min An from Pexels

Team LF
Writer and expert
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