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Submerge for all-day matte skin

Submerge for all-day matte skin
Team LF
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Sweating buckets in these hot, hot summer days and finding yourself having to touch up your makeup every other ten minutes?

Have you heard of the Korean secret to all-day matte skin, Jamsu makeup? Jamsu, which literally translates to “submerge”, is a makeup technique that involves submerging your face into cool water for 15-30 seconds after application of foundation and slapping on baby powder.

Here’s how you can sink your way to matte skin throughout the day -

The usual

Go about your normal skincare routine and apply a moisturizing foundation or BB cream that’s neither long lasting nor matte - one like the Algenist Reveal Colour Correcting Anti-Ageing Serum Foundation SPF 15 which locks in the moisture of your face.

Getting powdered

Next slap on baby powder or a translucent finishing powder like Illamasqua Loose Powder or the NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder with a powder puff or brush. Instead of lightly sweeping the powder on your face, you have to make sure to coat a thick layer of powder on your face.

Into the water

Set your timer to 30 secs -  sure you can hold your breath for that long? If not put it to 15 secs and dunk your powdered face into the basin of cold water. What happens during this time is your skin “pulls” in the water molecules and in the process bonds the foundation with your skin.

Pat your face dry gently with a face towel and you’re all set for an all-day matte face!

Love the effects of Jamsu makeup but find submerging into a wash basin too troublesome? Skin79 has developed the Jamsu Cushion Face Powder which condenses the steps of Jamsu makeup all in one compact! This is a intricately designed mixture of face powder and essence of Deep Sea Water accompanied with a  patented sponge that features an internal pocket to contain the 71% Marine Water that, when applied, re-creates the repulsive force between Hydrophilicity (water) and Lipophilicity (powder) to effectively push the makeup into skin for up to 30 hours of wear.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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