Long Weekend Getaway Makeup & Skincare Essentials

Long Weekend Getaway Makeup & Skincare Essentials

This year in 2019, Singapore has been blessed with four long weekends and we’ve just spent two of them. Long weekends are the sweetest and the best time to recharge at a short getaway.

The next long weekend is in August and I’ve already got my escapade planned. If you, like me, is not one who packs light, I’ve compiled a list of really helpful and essential travel sets to alleviate some of your packing woes.

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I’m heading to Sydney in August and unlike the rest of the world, Sydney will be enjoying its winter months, with moderately cold temperatures and lots of sunshine in the day.

The day-night temperature difference can get relatively vast and that makes it important for your skin to be adequately hydrated for the day and the night.

In the day I like to use a moisturizing but not-too-heavy moisturizer like the Antipodes Vanilla Pod Day Cream or the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Mist Set.

This set is a collection of a hydrating mist, oil and a multi-purpose balm. Touring out in chilly and dry weather is very taxing on our skin and the last thing we want is for it to be flaking and cracking. The Eight Hour® All-Over Miracle Oil for the face and hair to will deeply hydrate for long-lasting moisture, whilst the Eight Hour® Miracle Hydrating Mist is great for on-the-go replenishment to the skin’s hydration.

If you’ll be hitting a summer destination like the popular holiday spots, Bangkok, Jakarta or Ho Chi Minh, instead of cold Australia, make sure you’ll properly defend your skin from the pollution, heat and sun.

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Pack the Antipodes Blessing Anti-Pollution Light Face Serum and the Sepai City Shield SPF50 Lotion, products which are designed to defend your skin against city pollutants like vehical exhaust and the strong summer UV rays.

Come night time, be it in winter or summer weathers, I always make it a point to mask well, to calm my skin from a long day of travelling as well as moisturize it enough for the next day of travels. You’ll be surprised how a good night-time masking routine will be helpful in keeping your skin supple throughout your travels.

After your sheet mask, coat your face with a thick hydrating cream or sleeping mask. This helps your skin recuperate while you’re sleeping and also protects it from the dry hotel room air.  

If sourcing for individual sized items is too troublesome for you, my favourite is this Oh K! 8 Step Travel Mask which immediately settles your night-time shower routine from Body Wash to Face Moisturizer. Smartly and considerately packed in travel sized sachets, you literally can forget about assembling a toiletries bag and just need one of this per day on your trip.

It also equally convenient when your go-to brand compiles your entire skincare range into miniatures, like they packed it especially for your holiday.

I love skincare sets like the Elizabeth Arden Prevage Skincare Starter Kit and body care sets like Caudalie Travel Kit and Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Travel Selection; or even better combination sets like ESPA Beauty Explorer Collection.

The ESPA Beauty Explorer Collection is a set of travel friendly, hair and skincare treatments consisting of some of ESPA’s best selling products. From facial cleanser to body butter and even a shampoo and conditioner, the set is packed in a chic white bag which will stylishly fit into your luggage.

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