Strobing It Right

Strobing It Right

Strobing is a magical makeup technique which instantly gives your face the glow it needs in places best highlighted. The highlight shade on your face “capturing” and “reflecting” the light off your face gives the illusion of a more sculpted face. 

Your brow bone, nose bridge, cheekbones and the chin are the areas where the highlighter will go in order to define your face right. 

With so many different shades of highlighters, what is the right shade to choose to match your skin tone and makeup?

Just like colour correctors, the shades of the highlighters complement different skin tones and makeup colours. Let’s dive into what are the right highlighters for us. 


Great for Fair to Medium skin tones and probably one of the most popular highlighter shades. The pink undertones will give a healthy flush or enhance your pink or mauve toned blushers. End the makeup look on a high note with a complementing red fiery lip. 


A soft shader and the lighter sister of the gold highlighter, this is another easy to wear day-to-day colour. Also great for the Fair to Medium skinned, champagne-tone highlighters are a great match with coral and orange hues.

Green Pearl

A great highlighter to cancel out the redness in your cheeks, working just like how a colour corrector does. An iridescent highlighter like the Illamasqua Diety pops the right amount of green and pearl shine, in different spectrums under different lights and angles.

Blue or Purple Tone

Similarly, blue will cool down warm or sallow skin. It will give an icy finish and will go well with light pink or mauve, matte lipsticks.


White Pearl

This is a highlight pick for Fair skin tones and a perfect match with translucent pink shades.



For the Medium to Dark skinned l, gold gives a flattering bronze glow which is most perfect in the summer months. Think Cleopatra when you complement your highlighter with a makeup look of gold-brown palette.




Team LF

Team LF

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