Brush Cleanse

Brush Cleanse

Brushes are the imperative tool to perfecting our makeup – achieving precise shading, flawless foundation and properly blended eyeshadow, we use brushes everyday to achieve that makeup look we want. However, dirty makeup brushes are detrimental to the skin – brush bristles are made of porous material and product residue will cause bacteria and oils to easily build up. When used on the face, it will no doubt be a cause for acne breakouts.

Makeup brushes
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How often do we need to clean our brushes to keep the dirt at bay?  Experts recommend at least a weekly wash for brushes, especially those used for foundations and concealers.

My brush set consists of eyeshadow, blending, shading, blush, highlighter and powder brushes and I make it a point to cleanse them at least once a week. How to wash the brushes, you ask? Here are the steps I take to keep my brushes squeaky clean:

  1. Prep a tray padded with kitchen towel
  2. Pick up a brush and rinse it with tap water
  3. Squeeze a coin sized amount (adjust relative to size of brush head) of brush cleansing gel on a cleaning palette like the brushworks Brush Cleaner Palette
  4. Twirl the brush head in circular motions till it is adequately foamed
  5. Rinse it under running water while continuing to twirl it in circular motions, on the palette, till the soap throughly rinsed off
  6. Shake the brush to rid access water and place it propped on the tray, at an angle

Running water cleanse brush
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When I feel like my brushes need an added cleanse within the course of the week, especially when I’ve used glittery or heavily coloured makeup products, I like to lightly cleanse the brushes with a spray and wipe it off with anti-bacterial wet wipes.

Brushes, depending on how well you take care of them and how good the make is, can last for a relatively long time. However, you know it’s time to get a replacement for your brushes when

  1. they show signs of shedding
  2. when it is too bent out of shape
  3. it doesn’t pick up and apply the makeup product well


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