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5 Quick and Easy Hair Styling Hacks

5 Quick and Easy Hair Styling Hacks
Beauty Editor5 years ago
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Hair styling can be a time consuming affair and not everyone is blessed with the talent of nimble and skilled hands. If you, like me, can’t afford to spend 2 hours on styling your hair everyday, I share some tips to make it look like I did.

Volumizing with a Diffuser

You can work wonders with just blow drying your hair - attach a diffuser like the Babyliss Pro 3 in 1 Universal Diffuser to your hair dryer and place the mouth of the diffuser to the top of your head. Using the fingers of the diffuser, lift up the roots of your hair slightly and blow it dry.

Take a section of your hair and twirl the ends, placing it in the centre of the diffuser (like pasta on a plate) and lift the diffuser toward your scalp so that the head can hold the curls.

Velcro Rollers

Have you seen in korean dramas girls using velcro rollers to keep the curls in their bangs? Similarly you can put them all around the top your head and leave them on while you go about doing your makeup. Take the hair dryer, putting it on low heat, blow it upward and away from the root while the roller is still on to keep the volume in place for a longer time.

Crimp up the volume

First lift up the top section of your hair and secure it with a clip. Using a crimper like the Babyliss Pro Attitude Procelain Crimper (2.5 Inch), crimp the roots and release the clip to cover the zig zag texture of the root.

Blowing in curls

This is my favourite and holy grail product. The rotating brush head and 42mm “curling head” blows dry your hair while curling it. I like to just comb through my hair with the Babyliss Big Hair Airstyle (42mm) in Black/Pink and leave it on at the ends for 10 secs to get the big c-curl look.

Air-dried curls

Forget the hairdryer and achieve curls even on the go. On towel dried hair, massage in products like the OUAI Air Dry Foam - 120ML and scrunch it up; or spray on the Sachajuan Ocean Mist Beach Spray and twirl your hair section by section. Allow your hair to air-dry up in  natural “beach waves”.

When styling your hair, always remember to apply a heat protector to make sure your tresses are not damaged from the heat. These products also help to keep the longevity of your blown-dry volume/curls.

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Beauty Editor
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