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Discover LOOKFANTASTIC Singles’ Day Edit

Discover LOOKFANTASTIC Singles’ Day Edit
Janice Leong
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About 20 years ago, a group of Chinese university students—many of them single, irritated, and perhaps compulsive shoppers—started the Anti-Valentine's Day movement, which gave rise to Singles' Day. They are represented mathematically as 11.11, which is similar to the Chinese term for the single. On November 11th, the students started treating themselves lavishly as a method to defy the social pressure to be in a relationship. It was eventually turned into a fully-fledged yearly shopping extravaganza that produces billions of transactions by offering impossible-to-refuse discounts and offers. And for that, we're not complaining—single, attached, or complicated—about any relationship state. Things can become a bit wild with the shopping fiesta just a few days away. Naturally, we've been keeping an eye out for the finest beauty offers, which range from high-tech beauty gadgets to anti-aging lotions to improve your skincare regimen.

Here we have 8 amazing products from LOOKFANTASTIC Singles’ Day Edit:

Shiseido Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Eye Mask x1 (full-size) - worth S$22

The masks make age-related weariness appear less noticeable. With Retinol and ReNeura Technology++TM, they moisturize, enhance radiance, and revitalize skin's potential for firming and brightening.

Neom Uplifting Hand Balm 100ml (full-size) -worth S$37

Rich cocoa butter provides nourishment, skin-beneficial shea butter softens, and a skillfully prepared mixture uplifts your spirits.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Light Ceramide Capsules x7 (deluxe size) - worth S$20

Advanced Light Ceramide Capsules, the new gold standard for fortifying the skin barrier, nourish, refine, and restore skin for stronger, effortlessly radiant skin. solutions that replace, support, and enhance the vital, naturally occurring components of skin to restore its youthfulness.

Emma Hardie Brilliance Facial Oil 30ml (full-size) - worth S$68

The special combination of essential oils and oils derived from plants in Brilliance Facial Oil quickly hydrates the skin. Moreover, it strengthens the flexibility of the skin and guards against ageing and dullness.

Drunk Elephant Ceramighty Eye Balm 5ml (deluxe size) - worth S$30

CeramightyTM AF Eye Balm, rich in omega-rich plant oils and butters, vitamin F, and ceramides, fortifies and nourishes the skin barrier, preserving and regaining suppleness, and providing intense, long-lasting hydration. Calming Avena sativa (oat) extract reduces the look of exhaustion and calms the skin around the eyes.

Zelens Instant Recharge Mask 15ml (deluxe size) - worth S$56

With a powerful combination of 5% lactobionic acid, 5% lactic acid, and enzymes, this ultimate multi-action mask promotes skin rejuvenation and produces noticeable effects right away. This revitalising mask, enhanced with a special blend of energising bioactive elements, gives skin an instant energy and moisture boost and increases vitality. Green shiso leaves contain antioxidants that help prevent environmental harm. reveals skin that is notably younger-looking, smoother, softer, and healthier.

Philip Kingsley Root Boosting spray 60ml (deluxe size) - worth S$21

With our Maximizer Root Boosting Spray, the best volume hair spray for fine, light, and boring locks, you can up your hair game. These volumizing hair products put an end to your search for beautiful locks if you've been yearning hair that has body, volume, and natural bounce. Bid farewell to lifeless, flat hair and welcome to a new era of vibrancy and volume.

Rodial Deluxe Glass Powder 5.5g (deluxe size) - worth S$44

The search for immaculate, poreless skin is changed dramatically by this weightless, velvety powder. With a barely-there finish, it uses glass-microsphere innovation to mix delicate pigments with a soft peach undertone to scatter ambient light across skin and reduce dullness, flaws, and pore appearance. To set makeup or combat unwanted shine through the day and night, lightly dust the face to create a thin layer of covering over exposed skin.

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