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The Beauty Acronym Guide

The Beauty Acronym Guide
Team LF
Writer and expert5 years ago
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Slangs, hashtags # and acronyms are part of our way of live and immense live savers when it gets too tiring to repeat the long, original form of the term.

How well versed are you in the most commonly used beauty acronyms?

Scroll through the list below and see how many you can match!


Alpha Hydroxy Acid - an ingredient found in skincare products which has the ability to exfoliate and repair aging and sun-damaged skin.

BB Cream

Blemish Balm - a tinted multi-tasking cream which hydrate and even out skin tones. Can’t leave the house without my BB Cream.


Beta Hydroxy Acids - an ingredient commonly known as salicylic acid and found in skincare products which treat acne and blackheads.

CC Cream

Colour Correcting Cream - Usually white in colour, it is a product which will tone up your skin and correct any redness or sallowness. My CC CREAM is my instant perk-me-up.


Eye of the Day - Step up your #EOTD game with the By Terry Eye Designer Palette - even @SongofStyle approves of this palette.


Foundation - Choose the right shade of foundation from a select of 21 shades with NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation.


Face Of The Day - Achieve your #FOTD even on the go with the PÜR's Best Seller Kit.


I'm Crying Yet Mascara Intact - ICYMI, thank god for my Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara.


Holy Grail - This has to be my HG product - I go through two sticks every month!


Look Of The Day - I’m like a magpie, glitter is a must in my LOTD everyday.


My Lips But Better - The trick to a beautiful true love’s kiss is an MLBB lipstick shade.

No Poo

Term used for methods of washing hair without traditional shampoo.


Nails of the Week:


Prep and Prime - P+P is like the most essential step in my makeup routine. I use the bareMinerals Prep Step Mineral Protection Shield with SPF50.

Pre Poo

The stage before you shampoo and apply a treatment product to your hair.


Your Only Lipstick Option - Packed my bags in a rush - i’m in a YOLO situation now. Let’s hit the makeup store.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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