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Your Guide to Holy Grail Mascaras

Your Guide to Holy Grail Mascaras
Beauty Editor5 years ago
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Mascaras are instant enhancers to your eyelashes and gives that immediate magnifying effect to our eyes. Everyone has different set of needs - some prioritize lengthening, some volumizing and some curling - however we can all agree that in Singapore’s humid weather “smudge proof” is an essential criterion the mascara must possess.

We definitely do not want to suffer racoon-eyes at the end of the day - I pick out five highly acclaimed “holy grail” mascaras we cannot miss out on trying!

You’re probably no stranger to this award-winning mascara. The Eyeko Sport Brush Mascara’s fibre-enhanced formula with its curved brush bristles lifts and darkens your lashes without clumping. As its name suggest, this waterproof mascara will tide through even your sweatiest workouts. The squeeze tube packaging also allows you to ensure that the brush is catching just enough formula.

A double sided wand with a two-step applicator - the Loreal Paris Double Extension Waterproof Mascara is a pocket friendly one which will make your lashes long and full. The primer lengthens your lashes while the brush head with the colour topcoat volumizes and separates your lashes. This drugstore fave will leave your mascara intact throughout the day.

Teeez Cosmetics has a flair for nice packaging - an art piece on each of their products.

A quality cosmetics made made in Europe, Teeez brands itself as “SERIOUSLY. PLAYFUL. BEAUTY.”

The Cosmetics Drama Waterproof Volume Mascara wand has a spiral-shaped brush which separates and defines your lashes. The long-lasting formula also promises to be budge proof and give your lashes that va-va-vroom you need.

This mascara comes with a high-price tag but the effects it gives makes it terrybly addictive. Its formula with added growth-boosting serum, with collagen and hyaluronic acid explains the price but claims to repair and moisturize your lashes. Apart from this, the internet raves about its long-lasting and waterproof performance, high-definition, clump-free and glossy finish.

Forget the need for falsies because this mascara gives you that exact natural, false lash look you need. The NYX Professional Makeup Worth the Hype Volumizing Mascara formula is “worth the hype” as it doubles the length and volume of your lashes and stays smudge proof even in humid weather. The price is also something worth smiling for - extremely affordable at just $16.50 a wand.

Beauty Editor
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I believe that your skincare routine should be more than a routine - it is a time to pamper, treat and love yourself by loving your skin; a time to prepare yourself for the day and a time to unwind for the evening. I am always looking out for amazing and new products that work to enhance my natural beauty from skincare, body care, makeup and hair care. I am here to share my thoughts, experiences and recommendations to all beauty enthusiasts like me.