The Gift of Shaving

The Gift of Shaving

I may be a woman but I sure like a man with a good shave. I may be no expert at shaving, but thought it would be interesting to “decode” the steps of shaving from a woman’s perspective. In the light of Christmas, how about shaving for your special half as a “gift”?

Make this “gift” like a scene out of a Korean romance drama. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A hot steam towel
  2. Assurance
  3. Shaving cream
  4. A shaver
  5. An after shave toner
  6. Your nifty, delicate pair of hands

Have your man wash his face to clean away the oil and dirt which accumulated overnight with his daily cleanser – if he is still using just water or a random soap bar, please add a cleanser like the Bulldog Original Face Wash to your list of items you’ll need.

Sit him down on a chair and prep his face using the hot steam towel and apply the shaving cream on his face like Santa Claus’ beard. Give him Assurance and use a shaving blade and along the direction of where the hair grows, start shaving from the cheeks. Rinse after ever swipe of the razor and continue to the lip and chin area. Rinse off the shaving cream with cold water and check if you’ve missed out any spots.

Complete with an after shave balm or toner to soothe the skin and make your man smell good and fresh.

Viola! ~ you’re done and completed a perfect start to a Christmas morning.




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