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Janice Leong
Beauty Editor6 months ago
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Lookfantastic is back with another show-stopping beauty box, and this time, we've outdone ourselves with a carefully curated selection that's nothing short of a beauty enthusiast's dream. Dive into the world of skincare and makeup luxury with the deluxe and full-size treasures featured in this exclusive collection.

Avant Pro Perfecting Collagen Touche Éclat Primer 30ml (Deluxe Size) - S$146

Start your beauty routine on a high note with the Avant Pro Perfecting Collagen Touche Éclat Primer. This deluxe-sized primer not only preps your skin for makeup but also infuses it with collagen for a radiant, flawless finish. Elevate your glow game with this luxurious essential.

Perricone Vitamin C Ester Photo-Brightening Moisturizer 30ml (Deluxe Size) - S$69

Illuminate your complexion with the Perricone Vitamin C Ester Photo-Brightening Moisturizer. This deluxe-sized gem combines skincare and brightening properties for a luminous and revitalized appearance. Embrace the power of Vitamin C in your skincare routine with this must-have moisturizer.

Rodial Snake Bubble Mask (Full-Size) - S$21

Unleash the power of skincare innovation with the Rodial Snake Bubble Mask. This full-size mask transforms your routine into a spa-like experience. Watch as the bubbles fizz and invigorate your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and renewed.

GLOV Gold Sleep Eye Mask (Full-Size) - S$22

Indulge in the GLOV Gold Sleep Eye Mask. Let your eyes rest in style as this mask ensures darkness and comfort, promoting a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

PAI Skincare Light Work Cleansing Oil 10ml (Deluxe Size) - S$17

Experience the gentle touch of the PAI Skincare Light Work Cleansing Oil. This deluxe-sized cleansing oil effortlessly removes makeup and impurities, leaving your skin cleansed and nourished. Embrace the soothing ritual of a perfect cleanse.

Balance Me Vitamin C Brightening Eye Serum 5ml (Deluxe Size) - S$24

Elevate your eye care routine with the Balance Me Vitamin C Brightening Eye Serum. This deluxe-sized serum targets dark circles and puffiness, leaving your under-eye area bright and rejuvenated. Let your eyes sparkle with renewed vitality.

Ciaté Glow-To Highlighter Mini in shade 'Starburst' 8g (Deluxe Size) - S$13

Add a touch of radiance to your makeup look with the Ciaté Glow-To Highlighter in 'Starburst'. This deluxe-sized highlighter gives your complexion a luminous finish, ensuring you shine wherever you go.

Spectrum Powder Puff (Full-Size) - S$10

Perfect your makeup application with the Spectrum Powder Puff. This full-size accessory ensures a flawless finish every time you reach for your favorite powder products. Elevate your makeup game with this essential tool.

Lottie London Oil Slick Lip Oil Mini in shade 'Blueberry Kiss' 1.8ml (Deluxe Size) - S$7

Complete your look with the Lottie London Oil Slick Lip Oil in 'Blueberry Kiss'. This deluxe-sized lip oil provides a hint of color while nourishing your lips with a glossy finish. Embrace the subtle glamour of beautifully hydrated lips.

Why It's Worth the Splurge:

The LOOKFANTASTIC Celebration Edit Beauty Box is not just a box; it's a curated collection of beauty gems worth over S$323. With a mix of skincare and makeup essentials, this box offers a comprehensive beauty experience. The iconic brands and deluxe-sized products make it a valuable addition to your beauty arsenal.

Grab yours at S$86 now!
Janice Leong
Beauty Editor
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