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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide
Team LF
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The day when we honor our dads for being so wonderful and raising us up well is just right around the corner. Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 16, this year. For all that papa has done over the years, this a great opportunity to say thank you and award him with a deserving gift from you. Shopping for daddy may seem difficult so we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for you.

Smell of Success

Scents makes or breaks an impression and a well-scented individual is sure to create a more lasting impression on people. Gift dad with the "smell of success" with neutral and clean scents.

Sartorial Style

If your dad is suave in suits and he is an advocate of men’s grooming, this is a gift made for him. Most men are now into electric shavers and not all are familiar with the traditional art of shaving. This brush and shaving cream bowl set will have your sartorial daddy squeal (inside) with joy.

Jetsetter Dad

My dad is definitely on who falls into this category. I got him the Aesop Sao Paulo for father’s day last year and he loved it! Aesop is a very likeable brand and every father who spends most of his time traveling will appreciate a set of quality toiletries.This Sao Paulo set consists of the crowd favourite Geranium Leaf scent - it isn’t overpowering scent and is very neutral.

Health Conscious Papi

Show papa you truly care with a pack of supplements to boost his health. From probiotics, vitamin C to even a range of multivitamins, here at Lookfantastic we carry a variety of options for you to find the perfect type of supplements your dad needs.


Have trouble choosing and want to give a little of everything? Gift sets are exactly made for present buyers like you and have the best of both (or more) worlds with these packaged to impress sets.

The Best for Dad

Lookfantastic has also got fantastic dads in mind with a curation of 6 premium body and skincare products that will keep him smelling, feeling and looking like the leading man that he is. You can discover the complete lookfantastic Father's Day Collection here, for only $90 with a total worth value of S$230 that comes in a manly grooming box!

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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