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2018 Has Panned that Purple Tone

2018 Has Panned that Purple Tone
Beauty Editor5 years ago
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Don’t know about you but my favourite colour for the past three months has been purple - as soon as Spring broke and colours are slowly injected into my wardrobe and life; the colour of the year cannot be missed - you see it everywhere!

I love especially how Pantone described the Ultra Violet colour to be “inventive and imaginative” and “dramatically provocative and thoughtful” - I felt like it spoke to me and embodied the qualities I wanted to have and should have - originality and visionary thinking.

If you’re into this colour as much as I am, I’ve put together a list of must-have items that comes in lovely shades of violet.

Glamoriser Straight and Style Speed Mini Brush

I find hair styling a chore, so I’m always thankful for device inventions like this one. I’m not a morning person, if I had to be styling my hair every morning before work, I’d find myself having to wake up two hours earlier than the time I have to leave the house. This straight and style speed mini brush is perfect for the mornings where you add a little volume to your roots, comb through your hair and add in that slight C-curl at your ends.

Oh Yeahh! Happiness Lip Balm - Violet

Designed for happiness, a formula to make you feel good, a colour that makes your eye shine.

Don’t see why we shouldn’t each have one of these in our pocket.

Elemis Life Elixirs Fortitude Candle 230g

Apart from my obsession with purple, I’m also huge on scents. Besides the perfume shower I take every morning, I’m also into atmospheric and mood-making candles. Our mood can change by what we smell and aromatic therapy has been proven its calming and “healing” benefits. The Elemis Life Elixirs Fortitude Candle is a combination of 19 pure essential oils, including Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood and Geranium nodes.

The harmony of these earthy and “green” scents is a perfect way to end the day - close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded with greenery.

Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Brush Set

All makeup junkies will recognize the affordability and quality of Real Techniques’ brushes. Not only does this set of five brushes come in a beautiful shade of violet, Real Techniques has also put together an useful array of brushes for daily eye makeup  application.


Beauty Editor
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I believe that your skincare routine should be more than a routine - it is a time to pamper, treat and love yourself by loving your skin; a time to prepare yourself for the day and a time to unwind for the evening. I am always looking out for amazing and new products that work to enhance my natural beauty from skincare, body care, makeup and hair care. I am here to share my thoughts, experiences and recommendations to all beauty enthusiasts like me.