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Best Hair Care Routine to Get Luscious Locks

Best Hair Care Routine to Get Luscious Locks
Team LF
Writer and expert5 years ago
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It is said that our hair is a crown on our heads, to some it is the most important part of our appearance yet many often forget to care for it. The hairstyle we decide sets the tone for our entire look and it is essential for us to have it looking healthy and full of life. The never ending summer weather in Singapore leaves us to deal with dry, limp hair or hair loss. Baldness is the last thing we want happening to us- no wonder the hair loss treatment industry is said to be worth a whopping $3.5 billion. It only shows the amount of people who’re dealing with it and desperately want a cure for it.

Hair loss can be caused by many reasons --stress, hygiene, excessive chemical treatments and etc. We normally lose about 100 - 150 strands of hair a day , if you find more hair strands in the shower than before, it’s best to start simple at-home hair loss care before it gets too late (and expensive).

Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense, Density Shampoo Intense and Hyaluronic Density Conditioner

Try the Grow Gorgeous set which contains the Grow Gorgeous holy grail Hair Growth Serum Intense (60ml) and complementing Hair Density Shampoo Intense (190ml) and Hyaluronic Density Conditioner (190ml). This is an all in one trio to a stronger, healthier and fuller looking body of hair. The Hair Growth Serum Intense has won praises for its ability to reduce hair loss and help with hair growth with its Glycine, Zinc, 6% Caffeine, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, Clover Flower Extract Active Complex and Bio-Active Pea Sprout contained formula. Furthermore, it is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, the famous ingredient for boosting hydration -- coupled with the Hyaluronic Density Conditioner, your locks will be be injected life, looking more luscious than before.

Scalp Detox

Reform your hair growth journey with a proper cleanse, necessary in the hot and humid Singapore weather. More often than not, people suffer from hair loss due to clogged pores on their scalp caused by excessive sebum secretion from the heat and humidity. Give your scalp a detox with the Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox which claims to have a cooling formula which combines natural Castor Oil Beads, White Willow Bark extract and Pomegranate Fruit Enzymes that gently exfoliate the scalp, providing a deep, intensive clean that eliminates clogging impurities, product build up, dry skin and dandruff to create the ideal environment for hair growth. Use it once weekly to complement your hair loss care regime.


End Split Ends

Apart from hair loss, dry, limp and frizzy hair is also one inevitable problem many deal with, due to the heat in this country. Heat is a form of external stress to our tresses which causes the hair to split, decolour and dehydrate. The ends of our hair don’t get enough nourishment from the sebum glands, so it is important we take extra care to stop split ends from appearing too fast. Try the Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends which is a blend of Acai, Palm and Inca Inchi oils which transforms and protects broken ends without leaving greasiness. Be sure to also condition your hair after every wash with a conditioner like Grow Gorgeous Repair Conditioner which is an intensive treatment which will moisturise your dry tresses with its Murumuru, Cupuassu Butters, Sea Satin™ and silica-rich Bamboo Extract with Vitamin B, E, and Keratrix™ which are all ingredients which will help to improve elasticity in weakened hair.


Another tip! Never wash your hair with water that is too hot as it will contribute to hair loss and excessive heat on your locks. Try to end off with a cold wash after conditioning to keep that shine in your hair. This way, you can strut in confidence and let your hair do all the talking.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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