Acne Prone

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Discover Lookfantastic's range of acne treatment, solutions, tools and helping aid to encourage and help your skin to get a clean and clear complexion. Lookfantastic's range of acne specific cleansers provide your skin with a cleaning formula to unclog and refresh your pores. It works to remove grime, pollution, dirt to help your skin to breathe, refresh and repair itself as it encourages healthy new cells to form. Lookfantastic's wide variety of moisturisers help you to find the best moisturiser for you from formulations that allow your skin to breathe so that it doesn't feel clogged but provides optimum hydration and nourishment for daily care. Treatments & specific care is the ideal way for specialised care on acne prone skin with potent formulas that work with treatments. Exfoliators work tremendously as it removes dead skin cells, impurities and dirt to unclog pores and provide a new canvass for better complexion. Toners work to balance the skin and shrink pores to prevent dirt from collecting and growing under the skin.

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