About The Brand


Eau Thermale Avène is proud to provide expert, skincare products specially developed for sensitive skin. Every Avène product is uniquely composed of Avène Thermal Spring Water, a powerful active ingredient that is naturally soothing and anti-irritating. Our water is at the heart of very Avène product.

For 50 years water percolates through the French Cévennes Mountains, absorbing precious minerals and trace elements until it reaches the Sainte-Odile spring. The Avène’s Hydroptherapy Centre also lies at the mouth of this spring.

Worldwide GPs, dermatologists, pharmacists and skin experts recommended Avène for its years of research, heritage and results to back up its claims.

Find a range to suit any skin concern: very sensitive skin, oily and blemish-prone, dehydrated, anti-ageing, dull skin, dry skin, sun-protection, redness-prone, and itchy skin.