Smell Good, Feel Great – Shower Aromatherapy

Smell Good, Feel Great – Shower Aromatherapy

We have to agree that shower time is the most rejuvenating time of the day. In addition to feeling squeaky clean, our body wash also plays a huge part in making or breaking our bath time. There are many different shower soaps that target different skin concerns – in addition to choosing the right type soap for our skin, how the soap smell is also a deal breaker for me.

I list down some common bath scents –


Lavender is a known scent to calm and relax the mind and body. Its calming properties is also widely used as a bedtime aromatherapy, where it is said to help one sleep better.

Lavender oils also have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which are helpful in soothing skin and even fighting acne.


I’m a fan of citrusy scents. In Singapore’s everlasting summer, the fresh nodes of citrus fruits are amazing refreshers. Plus, citrus also has purifying and brightening effects; added with rich Vitamin E and C contents.

Crisp Nature

Smell the forest or the sea breeze in your shower and be transported into an immediate “holiday”.  Herby, woody, clean green or smells of the sea have calming effects and rub off on your skin to inject a sense of “mysteriousness”. These earthy scents are also genderless and can be used on men and women.

Like a Baby

Baby products are widely used even by adults as they were made to be the gentlest products. There are some who also love smelling like babies – that scent of powder and pure, squeaky clean vibe.


Now, this is a crowd favourite when “scents” are mentioned. Scent is widely associated to floral and some of the most common flower smells include Jasmine and Rose. Floral scents are very womanly touches to your skin and will have you exuding a very feminine vibe, even from within.

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